A few years ago I began a practice of co-creating with love that felt like a returning home. I aligned all of my work with loving thought to share the experience of what stories look like when our POV is healed and whole and full of love. 

Early on in my process of this declaration of an “All Systems Love” approach to the creative process, I was blessed with an immediate and direct ‘call for love’ to work with an amazingly talented group of artists was a revelation, a complete expansion of possibilities and a wonderful way of mapping the worlds we inhabit as artists in a cosmology of loving creative production systems.

What would entertainment be like if our stories reflected a love of peace > our love of guns? What would our stories be like if love was the primary driver? How would everything shift?

Writing, production and post-production aligned in love is a revelation, co-creating with an all systems love mindset an organizing principle in the complicated worlds, environments and people-ology of production is Always Alice’s bread and butter. We love dropping into the rabbit hole with tremendous love and satiating our curiosity, actively being a warrior of peace, loving all encountered and remembering we are powerful beyond measure.

Shifting to love as work process has been like a grand adaptation, where irrespective of the form of production, the essential energetic mystical universal expression unerringly came through.

We produce and co-create in an ever evolving media universe, we embrace change and new technologies and new offerings and the essential movement and circulation and embodiment of the richest tradition we have as human beings, the ability to project our stories.

While this journey started quietly, almost whispering beyond the reaches of my being, there has been deep power in the silence, an electricity of grace in entertainment.

We invite you to join us in our loving practice, to return to the familiar beats of love, to ignite something wonderful, to bring ideas and images and connection into being, to become an All Systems Love player with us as we collaborate with our earth mother to co-create beauty and grace and abundance through our collective hearts.  

We hope the media of Always Alice launches you into your next grand adventure, that something illuminates, that your soul thrills in recognition of the great light in all things. 

Thank you for your interest in Always Alice to learn more see our about page

You definitely find what you are looking for. 

Work with us, reach out with ideas, and become a part of our all systems love operation.

May your work continue to flourish, may your lives be full of joy and may you always experience the deeply satisfying experience of peace with all of your media projections. 

Love, Mel


Melanie Lutz

chairman & founder




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